2020 Regional Road Trip 

In late March/early April we will be travelling through the above regions offering onsite work health services incl. WorkCover WA hearing tests.

Are you up to date with workplace noise and dust obligations?

If you need to maintain hearing test compliance, and manage risk associated with noise or dust in the workplace, request a quote below and complete the relevant details.  We offer these road trips to give you the most cost effective opportunity to meet your OHS requirements.

Please get in touch before Friday February 14th so we can send you pricing and information about when we will be in your area.

Onsite services available on this trip

To make it easier for you to meet your WorkCover + WorkSafe obligations, we provide the following onsite services on this Regional WA road trip. 

WorkCover WA Hearing Tests

Air/Dust Monitoring (incl silica)

Health Surveillance (isocyanates, silica)

Lung Function Testing (spirometry) 

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Ear Plug Fit Testing

Noise Surveys