Under the Workers Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981, it is compulsory for employers to arrange and pay for WorkCover WA hearing tests for all workers in prescribed “noisy” workplaces. WorkCover WA is the government agency that is responsible for overseeing the workers compensation and injury management system in WA.

As such, hearing test results are maintained and monitored by WorkCover WA.

This first hearing test registered with WorkCover is known as the “baseline” WorkCover WA hearing test.  It is the initial audiometric test that establishes a worker’s baseline (reference) or overall percentage loss of hearing. This result is the benchmark against which future tests are compared to determine the possible level of occupational hearing loss (noise induced hearing loss) and potential compensation.

All workers employed in a prescribed workplace for the first time must have a baseline hearing test within 12 months of commencing employment, regardless of whether the worker wears (or is meant to wear!) hearing protection.

Who conducts WorkCover WA hearing tests?WorkCover WA hearing tests

CHP are WA based specialists in providing onsite WorkCover WA hearing tests.  Our expertise is in helping organisations better manage their risk of workplace noise exposure, which ultimately reduces the risk of workers compensation claims for noise induced hearing loss. CHP’s onsite audiometric testing services can be done from their mobile hearing test facility or on a fly-in/fly-out basis.

When conducting WorkCover hearing tests, the audiometric officer is required to submit test results to WorkCover WA and provide the worker with a copy of the report within one month of a hearing test. Results are strictly confidential. CHP does all of this, and more….

Whilst the baseline hearing test is registered with WorkCover WA, CHP also registers your baseline hearing test results and any subsequent employee hearing test results in their risk management database.  This allows you to better measure and manage the risks of noise induced hearing loss in your organisation by comparing hearing test results over time.

CHP’s electronic reporting can be done looking at specific departments, job roles, locations or across the business.

CHP have been providing onsite WorkCover WA hearing tests in Perth and regional WA for over 18 years.

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