Workers Compensation audiometric testing

Commonly referred to as “workers comp audios”, what motivates organisations and employers to provide baseline and subsequent audiometric testing for their employees?

  1. Employee safety & wellbeing
  2. Legislation

It is usually legislation, that encourages employers to provide audiometric testing, WorkCover hearing tests (“workers comp audios”), for their workers.

Hearing test regulations in WA

  • Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 (the “OSH Act”) and Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996 (the “OSH regs”)
    • both are supported by codes of practice and guidance notes for managing risk of noise exposure and preventing noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) in the workplace.
    • Monitor effects of the noise hazard – ‘risk management’
    • To ensure employees have adequate hearing ability to keep them safe and maintain productivity
  • Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981
  • From 1991, workers can be compensated for hearing loss caused by exposure to noise at work
    • Employees working in noisy (“prescribed”) environment
    • Baseline hearing test within 12 months of starting
    • Subsequent hearing tests – as requested by an employee (annually) or by the employer (risk management)
    • Purpose: to identify Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL)
    • Done only for compensation purposes – 10% change initiates a compensation claim process

National Code of Practiceworkers comp audios

Managing noise and preventing hearing loss at work

  • Recommends testing annually for ‘risk management’

Onsite audiometric testing

We provide onsite audiometric testing in Perth and around WA. Our mobile facility can come to your work site and conduct WorkCover hearing tests, baseline and/or subsequent air conduction hearing tests. We will also register these for you with WorkCover. Find out more about our onsite hearing testing in WA.

Hearing Conservation – risk management

To further support you manage the risk of NIHL, we also provide electronic audiometric test recording and reporting.

Employee and employer copies of individual hearing test results are available on the same day of testing.

To help you risk manage, there is a broad range of audiometric reports available, including reports that allow you to compare:

  • % hearing loss over time by employee
  • % hearing loss over time by role
  • a full company report

Specific reports are available upon request. We can even use any previous results you have to establish these reports with your next round of hearing testing – a popular service for many of our newer clients.

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