We conduct onsite hearing testing programs and also have mobile audiometric testing booths for hire in Perth, Western Australia.

If you are exploring options for onsite audiometric testing, including large group hearing tests, we can help.

Our mobile hearing testing booths and services help you to minimise workplace disruption and maximise cost effectiveness. If you have the accredited and experienced staff to run and facilitate your hearing testing programs then hiring one of our mobile facilities will help you minimise costs.

We have 2 options for you in our range of mobile audiometric testing booths for hire…

1. Our complete onsite audiometric testing service

The whole package where we do all the work and keep your job easy!

  • Includes our mobile audiometric testing truck with audiometer and accredited audiometric officer who come to your workplace and manage all of your testing onsite.
  • We can test 6 employees per hour
  • You receive electronic audiometric reporting, including the ability to compare % hearing loss over time by department, role or worker
  • We register your results in our own risk management database so you can compare results over time, and mitigate any areas of risk.
  • We work with you to tailor projects to work in with different shifts, multiple sites and over negotiated time-frames
  • WHP can manage the recall and reminders for your 2 yearly audiometric testing requirements as per company policy and/or the new WA WHS regulations.

2. Audiometric testing caravan for hire

Rent our hearing test caravan that can be placed onsite for days, weeks or months as needed!

  • Includes the caravan with accredited audiometric testing booth and audiometer that can be towed and left onsite for a period of time to capture large group audiometric testing programs.
  • Available for hire for those organisations who have approved audiometric officers
  • Ideal if you want to run your audiometric testing program over a period of days, weeks or months to capture different rosters and swings.
  • The caravan can be moved from site to site

Onsite spirometry

A popular addition to our onsite audiometric testing service is spirometry or lung function testing.

  • We can do both tests for 1 person in approx 20 mins. Both tests are done inside the truck.
  • For remote sites we offer this service on a FIFO basis
  • Our online booking system can make the organisation of FIFO programs over days/weeks/months so much easier for you to manage. Find out more…

Regional road trips

We also conduct annual regional road-trips with our mobile testing facilities to help regional sites meet their WA WHS requirements. Get in touch to find out dates this year.