Baseline and subsequent hearing tests are a requirement under WorkCover, DMIRS and OSH regulations for prescribed noisy workplaces in Perth and WA.

A baseline hearing test is the initial audiometric testing conducted to establish your baseline (reference) or overall Percentage Loss of Hearing (PLH). The PLH of all ‘subsequent’ tests will then be compared to the baseline PLH. Some people may be required to undergo a baseline full audiological assessment as part of their baseline hearing test. This is only required by a relatively small percentage of the population.

You may request in writing a subsequent hearing test annually from your employer.

Onsite hearing tests

Work Health Professionals’ mobile hearing testing service helps organisations meet these WorkCover WA requirements for Baseline and Subsequent hearing tests for their workers.

Workplace hearing tests are conveniently conducted by our Perth based Audiometric Officers across all rosters and shifts.  We work with you to minimise disruption to productivity and maximise compliance.

WHP’s onsite baseline and subsequent hearing tests will assist your organisation to meet its WorkCover requirements, and importantly monitor the impact of long-term noise exposure. This ultimately helps you to manage your liability for any future Workers Compensation hearing loss claims.

It is a statutory requirement under AS/NZS 1269: 2005 that all workers who are employed in a ‘prescribed workplace’ must complete a ‘Baseline Audiometric’ test when commencing employment.  The National Code of Practice also recommends ‘subsequent’ hearing tests yearly thereafter.

An ‘Exit’ audiometric test is also recommended when a worker is leaving employment, and upon retirement.

What happens at an audiometric test

What is a “prescribed” noisy workplace?

A ‘prescribed workplace’ is a workplace where a worker receives a representative daily noise dose (8 hr day) of 90dB (A) or its equivalent, or a peak noise exposure of 140 dB (lin) at any time.

If a subsequent hearing test indicates an increase in overall hearing loss of at least 10% from the baseline PLH, WorkCover WA will advise both the worker and the employer of the requirement for further testing to determine if there is a compensable noise induced hearing loss.

See more in WorkCover WA’s “Guide to Noise Induced Hearing Loss